In the case of necessity, with Certification or request made by an embassy or consulate ( For Covid-19)

  1. Application form(TM.7)
  2. Fee 1,900 THB.
  3. 2 photographs (passport photo)
    3 Copies of application’s passport (Data page, Stamp page, TM.6 card)
  4. Letter of confirmation and request or a temporary stay from the embassy and consulate in Thailand.
  5. Proof of address:
    5.1 in case stay in a hotel
    – Letter of confirmation of stay from the hotel
    – Hotel booking
    – Photograph of foreigner at the hotel ; 2-3 pictures
    5.2 In case a house rental / or condominium
    – Rental agreement
    – Copies of Lessor’s ID card and Lessor’s house registration book
    – Copies of house registration book from where you rent
    – Photograph of foreigner at the house/condominium; 2-3 pictures
    5.3 In case of foreigner own the property
    – Copies of the house registration book
    – Photograph of foreigner at the property; 2-3 pictures
  6. Map direction from home to immigration.

Note: Foreigner must prepare 2 sets of  the above documents.