Courses at The Learning Centre

Thai language classes for foreigners

Our Thai language curriculum has been approved by the Thailand Ministry of Education.

All four language skill are taught: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Three levels are offered: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Our Thai language teachers are graduates of well-known Thai universities with a major in Education and / or Linguistics. The class language is Thai and English.

Prices and Rules

* Courses are of 20 hours divided into 10 x 2 hour lessons - Cost Baht 3,100.

* Lesson duration is 2 hours. There is a 10 minutes break after 50 minutes

* Maximum of 10 students in a class (average is 7)

* Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday (2 x 2 lessons for a total of 4 hours per week)

* Payment in full prior to commencement of a course

* No refund after commencement of a course

* Full refund if student cancels prior to commencement less service fee of Baht 500

* If The Learning Centre cancels a course, there will be a full refund

* Private classes are available at times agreeable between you and the school

ED Visa available on payment for 180 hours of study. Cost Baht 24,900. This price is for classes and the required documents from the Thailand Ministry of Education. All costs associated with travel and visa application at a Thai Consulate abroad are at the expense of the student. [ Read more on the education visa ].


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